What challenges are standing in the way of your company's success in the U.S. and global marketplaces?


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Founder's Message

Tom Thomson - "As an Executive and Entrepreneur...

I thrive on helping startups, SMEs and large companies to succeed in the U.S. marketplace and expand into the international marketplace. Working together, we develop business and communications strategies that are in alignment and give a company a strategic path towards success.

I enjoy working with Founders and executives to find solutions for strategic challenges and to help them hone their skills in leadership, delivering presentations and speeches, and managing media interviews.

Agile leaders and companies are needed to turn challenges into opportunities in a highly competitive global marketplace, emerging industry disrupting technologies and political and economic uncertainties. Helping executives and companies to navigate these challenges and to succeed is personally satisfying.

Trusted Partner and Advisor to Companies and Organizations in the United States and abroad.

Since 2006, T. Thomson & Associates, LLC has assisted businesses with complex transactions, international expansions and reputation issues
in the United States and the international marketplace.

  • We help clients develop and realize strategic goals, manage change, risk and reputations
  • We view every client engagement, large or small, as a commitment to achieving the best possible results
  • We assist growing companies to develop their narrative, messages and strategies for communicating with their customers and other key stakeholders.

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