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The road to quality patents

May 30th, 2015
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The noisy legislative debate on patent reform in the U.S. Congress is without a doubt critical to America’s long-term economic future.

Patents are engines for economic productivity. Countries that encourage inventors and entrepreneurs to patent their innovations will be among the winners in the highly competitive global marketplace. That’s why the stakes are so high in the outcome of the current legislative deliberations on patent reform bills in the U.S. Congress.

The America Invents Act of 2011 introduced significant reforms to the patenting process, as well as controversy. The bill’s “first to file” provision replaces the “first to invent” doctrine and gives priority to the first inventor to file a patent application. It is also at the center of the ongoing debate on whether current patent laws give unfair advantage to large companies over smaller companies and inventors. Supporters, however, argue that the “first to file” provision brings U.S. laws into sync with the rest of the world and will speed up the patent examination process and reduce the backlog of patent applications.

Growing technology sector bubble and the demise of a mobile phone icon

May 29th, 2015
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Was yesterday’s announcement that Avago Technologies Ltd had purchased tech company Broadcom for a record $37 billion another signal that the marketplace is thriving or is it another step towards a market bubble ready to burst?

Shareholders at Avago and Broadcom are likely to be happy, as are their lawyers and investment bankers, at least in the short-term.

Cheers for Tech Market Growth But Also Concerns However, the market may not be as sanguine about this development. In a May 28, 2015 Bloomberg Business News report, Alex Gauna, an analyst at JMP Securities in San Francisco said about the largest ever acquisition of a technology company: “I’ve got my misgivings, this feels very frothy for me….This seems like a stretch”.

What Bold Leadership and Strategic Vision Can Accomplish

May 26th, 2015
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President Obama’s proposal to map the human brain is a bold challenge to use America’s wealth of talent, creativity and spirit of innovation to go places where few have gone before.

His call to action echoed President Kennedy’s 1961 speech to the Congress when he challenged America to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade.

From that day forward, Kennedy’s vision of America’s future in outer space was not just his but also the nation’s. The public euphoria over the space program, as well as winning the space race with the Soviets, kept an enormously expensive government program fully funded for over forty years. New industries and companies were started and hundreds of thousands of jobs created.

Congress can jump start america’s sputtering job creation engine by showing leadership now

May 22nd, 2015
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The May 2013 jobs report was encouraging but showed that the economy was not growing enough for employers to hire more workers. I join with millions of other Americans in giving a sigh of relief that the economic recovery is gaining steam. After being on the brink of a depression and then in a deep and stubborn recession, the U.S. economy’s small but positive economic growth is something to be happy about. The unemployment rate continues to stay below 8% and job creation numbers are up, as are consumer spending and housing sales. This is all good news.

The bad news is that while there has been a rise in the number of new jobs, the pace of job creation has not been strong enough to bring America back to full employment. Even though the economic recovery is admittedly slow, isn’t it reasonable to think that in the next few years we should be able to reach full employment? No, say a number of experts who believe that full employment may be several years away.

The U.S. Congress’ dysfunctional decision-making process

May 20th, 2015
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What are some of the lessons so far from the stalemate on the government shutdown and debt ceiling debate between the Congress and the White House?

The first is that extremely bright and experienced people, Democrats or Republicans, are no less susceptible to organizational barriers to making important decisions than average people.

The fortress mentality of the Democrats to protect against anything the Republicans offer as “holding a gun against our heads” is unproductive. The possibility that one of the Republican’s demands could help to solve the partisan stalemate is unfortunately incomprehensible to the Democratic Party leadership.

Cyber attacks threaten national security and my family’s security as well

May 15th, 2015
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What does Facebook,The New York Times and I have in common? We all have been victims of cyber attacks.

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, my bank’s security team alerted me that someone was using a phony credit card with my name and account number on it in a three-state spending spree. But that’s not all. Over the past three months I have received letters from a major software company and a different bank about data breaches involving my personal information. Four years before that I had two back-to-back incidents of someone posing as me to withdraw funds from my bank account by depositing a bogus check and withdrawing cash.

Why Turkey’s political crisis should matter to Americans

May 10th, 2015
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If every time you see a news story on the political crisis that could destabilize Turkey, you go to the next news article, because you think what goes on there has no impact on your business, job or family, I suggest you consider the following:

• Turkey, a majority Muslim country has been a stabilizing influence in the volatile Middle East, shares a border with Iraq, Syria and Iran. It was the only Muslim country to have direct diplomatic relations with Israel prior to the signing of the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel in 1979.

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