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What david bowie can teach corporate america

January 17th, 2016
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David Bowie’s extraordinary ability to reinvent himself at different stages of his legendary five-decade career is a lesson in market savvy and branding. Known for his chameleon like behavior, this artistic and cultural icon was able to sift through the cultural chaff of the time to find original gems to create new images and music that would repeatedly propel him to stardom for multiple generations of fans.

The artist/performer who started life as David Jones and transformed himself into David Bowie, and added well-known monikers like Ziggy Stardust and Starman during his long career, could be a business case study on how to create products and brand loyalty in a world with notoriously fickle consumers.

In today’s disruptive digital age and highly competitive global economy, this is a challenge for companies large and small. But for large legacy companies that started in the 20th Century, it is an especially difficult challenge with a lot at stake.

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