Our focus is local and global

Serving customers in multiple sectors


  • International Market Expansion Consulting

    Expanding into the global marketplace can grow revenues, market share and help your company stay ahead of the competition. Launching an international business is challenging and a major commitment of time and resources. We can be a resource to support your efforts with the following services:


    • Advice and recommendations on cultural issues that could affect strategy, marketing and business operations in digital and brick and mortar international expansions.
    • Analysis and recommendations for managing risks from marketplace and regulatory issues that could impact a company’s ability to conduct business.
    • Identifying & mapping key stakeholder audiences for targeted communications and outreach.
    • Developing communications and outreach strategies with key stakeholder audiences in new markets, including narratives, positioning and messages.
    • Providing strategic and general business advisory services.

  • Business Advisory Services

    Growing demand and opening new markets gives startups, small and medium companies incentives to scale their business operations. Our process is to meet with the executive team and other key staff to understand what issues are encouraging or hindering a company from realizing its strategic goals and offer our recommendations. Whether this is strategic advice or facilitating a SWOT analysis or a strategic planning process or leadership development, we will be with you every step of the way.  Our services include:


    • Organizational development and process alignment.
    • Brand development and strategy.
    • Business and strategic planning.
    • Intellectual property strategy.
    • Leadership development.

  • Strategic Business Communications

    Successful companies in the marketplace and in the global economy have their business and communications strategies in alignment. Whether a pitch to investors, a presentation to the board or to communicate your company’s narrative to the new and traditional media, a company needs a strategy for communicating with stakeholders that is consistent, informative and engages them in ongoing conversations with your company to build goodwill and enhance its reputations. We can assist you with your communications challenges in several areas, including:
    • Narrative development.
    • Corporate positioning and message development.
    • Pitching, presentations and speech writing and speaker’s training.
    • Digital and social media strategy.
    • Internal communications.
    • Crisis communications consulting and training.
  • Executive Coaching & Training

    Being an effective communicator and leader are essential skills for founders and business executives in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Our one-on-one and group training and coaching offerings can help you to improve your abilities in this critical area. We offer programs in:
    • Pitching and presentation skills.
    • Speech making skills.
    • News media interview skills.
    • Leadership skills.

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